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Brand and Marketing Strategy for Startups, Freelancers & SME

One of the most critical phases for a business is the time when it gets started – either from scratch, or by preparing to offer new services or products.

Brand and Marketing Strategies are crucial for the performance and play a big roll in creating the customers and the cashflow you need for your product to proof viability .

We can help you to find solutions that fit your product and your bankroll, to make the most of your ideas and help you carry your vision to the next milestone.


By creating long term strategies we make sure that your business is sustainable and that your customer stays with you for as long as possible – basically we are making you happy by helping you to make your customer happy.

Or, as we think that your product is nothing without your customer, we help you to bring the two even closer together.

We develop the right workflow for you and train you and your team to implement it in your daily routines.

Analysis & omptimisation

Process analysis & optimisation

your customer – there is a lot of time and money that can get saved, especially on the long term. As experienced project managers we keep new website and app developments for you tailored to your needs and make sure that you don’t get sold a pear for an apple.

We make sure that you and your product reach your customers – wherever they might be in the country.

With a strong focus on e-commerce and digital sales funnels we will look at your operations, implement and optimise digital workflows and create benchmarks that enable you to run your entire business more effective. The e-commerce market in South Africa is expected to grow +20% per year for at least the next ten years, and we can make sure that your business won’t get left behind. From internal communications and your supply chain to the communication with 

Production and Creation

Creating & Producing Content

After the strategies are developed and the workflows are implemented, you might need to produce content that speaks to your audience. We can can help you throughout the process by developing a Corporate Design and visual guidelines or get daily creative work done. Our skills cover a wide range and whatever we can’t do in-house we will find the best specialist for you to get the job done.

People & Product Photography and Postproduction. With many years of experience in commercial photography we create the right image for your brand. No matter if you need a campaign for the new range shot or product shots for your online store, we will get it done crisp and in brilliant colours.

Video Production, Shooting & Postproduction. You need a short clip for your website, an image film of your team or a music video? Video for social media and pockeTVC? A tutorial, dance class or how-to video? We can can do it all for you, from concept to colour grading.

No matter what you want to shoot – the cast is one of the most important ingredients. We strongly believe in live – castings and are very efficient in conducting them. We have looked at and photographed thousands of people, only to choose the right one for each project, and we will do the same for you. Besides working with professional agencies we also spend time on the street, at the gym, in the club, or wherever we expect the perfect face to show up. 

No matter if you need a new layout for your newsletter, if you want to print flyers or relaunch your website: we get the design done. If we cannot do something ourselves we will research the perfect artist to get the job done according to our briefing. We will supervise the process and make sure all deadlines are safe.

We can create visual guidelines for all creative work that reaches your customer: From Logo Design to product labels, your invoice and your packaging, we make sure your customer knows it is yours. We can also create visual concepts for movies or events, wherever the eye eats, we make it tasty!

If you are reading this right now, you probably kinda enjoyed what you’ve read before, right? That’s good. That is what we want: reach the people that we are talking to. The right tone makes the right tune, let’s whisper something into someones ear!