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ROOSTER Marketing Consulting and Production is specialised in developing digital marketing strategies, digitising processes and implementing digital workflows for small and medium sized businesses.

You can hire us for a variety of services from market analysis, brand and business development and marketing strategies to content creation like copywriting, photography and film production to website and app development. We might not do everything ourselves but we can find the right people and oversee all processes for you and make sure you get the results that you need.

Contact us so we can sit down and talk about your business!

We create new ways to reach your targets.

over 15 years of experience

Working with people

Every business needs specific and custom made solutions, there is no “one size fits all” in marketing. We know that and turn it into an advantage for you.

Our job starts by learning about your business – you and your customer. We have looked behind the scenes of many businesses and many customers, and you can benefit from that.

Our clients

Gerrit has worked in the creative and advertising industry for more than 15 years. He learned to understand clients needs and wishes as an advertising photographer, and fully understood them once he had to market his own documentary for the first time. 

Since then he studied marketing with a focus on digital and created a focus on sustainability and the value chain underlying the financial side. His approach is healthy growth by creating a real longterm customer value – in the very meaning of the words. If you love your business for it’s values and not for the financial perspective only, we might get along very well.

Gerrit Hahn is co-founder of the eCommerce start-up RIGHTLAND that offers fashion and lifestyle products made in South Africa.

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