eCommerce Consulting

We help you understand your eCommerce data and translate it into profitable, actionable tasks that turn your visitors into customers.

Brands that trust us:

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How we can help you:

We analyse

We have developed a framework that allows us to measure the most important metrics of your eCommerce business and to identify opportunities to improve them.

We strategise

With your product and target market in mind, we define goals and develop strategies that will improve the monetisation of your existing customers and turns new visitors into customers faster.

We puzzle

Conversion rate optimisation for websites and eCommerce is complex and consists of many variables that have to work together for its full potential to show. We put the single pieces together in the right way.

We analyse again

We measure the results of the implemented strategy and start to refine. Even though results are usually seen quickly, there is always room to improve and make the system work even better.

Contact us

Hi – my name is Gerrit Hahn. I have worked for different eCommerce businesses and started my own a few years ago. Most of the things I can help you with, I have learned and experienced first hand in my own business. I have a data driven approach and I can relate to real world business challenges.

I am based in Johannesburg and work with a team of specialists, depending on your needs.